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Solar Power Satellites

Keith Henson has been thinking about what it would take to generate enough power from the Sun in space to solve ALL of Earth's population energy needs and more.

This work need to be fleshed out, both in engineering term and communited to a wider public such that they understand the pros (and cons) of this solution to our energy and living standards needs.

Clearly this is just the very first text to be rewritten again and again.

Things I think we need:

  • A Drakes equation of all the primary terms needed to make it happen.
  • The anti-Drakes Equation argument, of why SPS can't or should not be done.
  • Downloadable spreadsheet of the cost/time/effort assumptions of what it would take to build LOTS of SPS satellites.
  • Detailed arguments both pro and con and on specific bits that are known working or in need of inventing.

Edit away.

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