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      -valid (S)
             This  parameter  indicates whether a share is valid and thus can
             be used. When this parameter is set to false, the share will  be
             in no way visible nor accessible.
             This  option should not be used by regular users but might be of
             help to developers. Samba uses this option  internally  to  mark
             shares as deleted.
             Default: _�-_�v_�a_�l_�i_�d = yes

valid users

      valid users (S)
             This  is a list of users that should be allowed to login to this
             service. Names starting with '@', '+' and  '&'  are  interpreted
             using  the  same rules as described in the _�i_�n_�v_�a_�l_�i_�d _�u_�s_�e_�r_�s parame-
             If this is empty (the default) then any user  can  login.  If  a
             username  is  in  both this list and the _�i_�n_�v_�a_�l_�i_�d _�u_�s_�e_�r_�s list then
             access is denied for that user.
             The current servicename is substituted for _�%_�S . This  is  useful
             in the [homes] section.
             Default: _�v_�a_�l_�i_�d _�u_�s_�e_�r_�s = # No valid users list (anyone can login)
             Example: _�v_�a_�l_�i_�d _�u_�s_�e_�r_�s = greg, @pcusers

veto files

      veto files (S)
             This is a list of files and directories that are neither visible
             nor accessible. Each entry in the list must be  separated  by  a
             '/',  which  allows  spaces to be included in the entry. '*' and
             '?' can be used to specify multiple files or directories  as  in
             DOS wildcards.
             Each  entry  must  be  a  unix path, not a DOS path and must n�no�ot�t
             include the unix directory separator '/'.
             Note that the _�c_�a_�s_�e _�s_�e_�n_�s_�i_�t_�i_�v_�e option  is  applicable  in  vetoing
             One  feature of the veto files parameter that it is important to
             be aware of is Samba's behaviour when trying to delete a  direc-
             tory.  If a directory that is to be deleted contains nothing but
             veto files this deletion will  f�fa�ai�il�l  unless  you  also  set  the
             _�d_�e_�l_�e_�t_�e _�v_�e_�t_�o _�f_�i_�l_�e_�s parameter to_�y_�e_�s.
             Setting  this parameter will affect the performance of Samba, as
             it will be forced to check all files and directories for a match
             as they are scanned.
             Default: _�v_�e_�t_�o _�f_�i_�l_�e_�s = # No files or directories are vetoed.
             Example: _�v_�e_�t_�o _�f_�i_�l_�e_�s = ; Veto any files containing the word Secu-
             rity, ; any ending in .tmp, and any directory containing  the  ;
             word  root.  veto  files  = /*Security*/*.tmp/*root*/ ; Veto the
             Apple specific files that a  NetAtalk  server  ;  creates.  veto
             files = /.AppleDouble/.bin/.AppleDesktop/Network Trash Folder/

veto oplock files

      veto oplock files (S)
             This  parameter  is  only  valid  when  the _�o_�p_�l_�o_�c_�k_�s parameter is
             turned on for a share. It  allows  the  Samba  administrator  to
             selectively  turn  off the granting of oplocks on selected files
             that match a wildcarded list, similar  to  the  wildcarded  list
             used in the_�v_�e_�t_�o _�f_�i_�l_�e_�s parameter.
             You might want to do this on files that you know will be heavily
             contended for by clients. A good example of this is in the  Net-
             Bench  SMB  benchmark  program,  which  causes heavy client con-
             tention for files ending in _�._�S_�E_�M. To cause Samba  not  to  grant
             oplocks  on  these  files  you would use the line (either in the
             [global] section or in the section for the  particular  NetBench
             share :
             Default:  _�v_�e_�t_�o  _�o_�p_�l_�o_�c_�k  _�f_�i_�l_�e_�s = # No files are vetoed for oplock
             Example: _�v_�e_�t_�o _�o_�p_�l_�o_�c_�k _�f_�i_�l_�e_�s = /.*SEM/

vfs objects

      vfs object
             This parameter is a synonym for vfs objects.
      vfs objects (S)
             This parameter specifies the backend names which  are  used  for
             Samba VFS I/O operations. By default, normal disk I/O operations
             are used but these can  be  overloaded  with  one  or  more  VFS
             Default: _�v_�f_�s _�o_�b_�j_�e_�c_�t_�s =
             Example: _�v_�f_�s _�o_�b_�j_�e_�c_�t_�s = extd_audit recycle


      volume (S)
             This  allows  you  to  override  the volume label returned for a
             share. Useful for CDROMs with installation programs that  insist
             on a particular volume label.
             Default: _�v_�o_�l_�u_�m_�e = # the name of the share