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get quota command

      get quota command (G)
             The  g�ge�et�t  q�qu�uo�ot�ta�a c�co�om�mm�ma�an�nd�d should only be used whenever there is no
             operating system API available from the OS that samba can use.
             This option is only available with  .�./�/c�co�on�nf�fi�ig�gu�ur�re�e  -�--�-w�wi�it�th�h-�-s�sy�ys�s-�-q�qu�uo�o-�-
             t�ta�as�s.  Or  on linux when .�./�/c�co�on�nf�fi�ig�gu�ur�re�e -�--�-w�wi�it�th�h-�-q�qu�uo�ot�ta�as�s was used and a
             working quota api was found in the system.
             This parameter should specify the path to a script that  queries
             the  quota information for the specified user/group for the par-
             tition that the specified directory is on.
             Such a script should take 3 arguments:

             ·  directory
             ·  type of query
             ·  uid of user or gid of group
      The type of query can be one of :

             ·  1 - user quotas
             ·  2 - user default quotas (uid = -1)
             ·  3 - group quotas
             ·  4 - group default quotas (gid = -1)
      This script should print one line as output  with  spaces  between  the
      arguments. The arguments are:

             ·  Arg  1  - quota flags (0 = no quotas, 1 = quotas enabled, 2 =
                quotas enabled and enforced)
             ·  Arg 2 - number of currently used blocks
             ·  Arg 3 - the softlimit number of blocks
             ·  Arg 4 - the hardlimit number of blocks
             ·  Arg 5 - currently used number of inodes
             ·  Arg 6 - the softlimit number of inodes
             ·  Arg 7 - the hardlimit number of inodes
             ·  Arg 8(optional) - the number of bytes in a  block(default  is
      Default: _�g_�e_�t _�q_�u_�o_�t_�a _�c_�o_�m_�m_�a_�n_�d =
      Example: _�g_�e_�t _�q_�u_�o_�t_�a _�c_�o_�m_�m_�a_�n_�d = /usr/local/sbin/query_quota

getwd cache

      getwd cache (G)
             This  is  a  tuning option. When this is enabled a caching algo-
             rithm will be used to reduce the time taken for  getwd()  calls.
             This  can  have  a significant impact on performance, especially
             when the _�w_�i_�d_�e _�l_�i_�n_�k_�s parameter is set to n�no�o.
             Default: _�g_�e_�t_�w_�d _�c_�a_�c_�h_�e = yes

guest account

      guest account (G)
             This is a username which will be used  for  access  to  services
             which  are  specified  as  _�g_�u_�e_�s_�t _�o_�k (see below). Whatever privi-
             leges this user has will be available to any  client  connecting
             to the guest service. This user must exist in the password file,
             but does not require a valid login. The user  account  "ftp"  is
             often a good choice for this parameter.
             On  some  systems  the default guest account "nobody" may not be
             able to print. Use another account in this case. You should test
             this  by  trying  to log in as your guest user (perhaps by using
             the s�su�u -�- command) and trying to print  using  the  system  print
             command such as l�lp�pr�r(�(1�1)�) or  l�lp�p(�(1�1)�).
             This  parameter  does not accept % macros, because many parts of
             the system require this value to be constant for correct  opera-
             Default: _�g_�u_�e_�s_�t _�a_�c_�c_�o_�u_�n_�t = nobody # default can be changed at com-
             Example: _�g_�u_�e_�s_�t _�a_�c_�c_�o_�u_�n_�t = ftp

guest ok

      public This parameter is a synonym for guest ok.

      guest ok (S)
             If this parameter is y�ye�es�s for a  service,  then  no  password  is
             required  to connect to the service. Privileges will be those of
             the  _�g_�u_�e_�s_�t _�a_�c_�c_�o_�u_�n_�t.
             This paramater nullifies the benifits of setting _�r_�e_�s_�t_�r_�i_�c_�t _�a_�n_�o_�n_�y_�-
             _�m_�o_�u_�s = 2
             See  the  section  below on  _�s_�e_�c_�u_�r_�i_�t_�y for more information about
             this option.
             Default: _�g_�u_�e_�s_�t _�o_�k = no

guest only

      only guest
             This parameter is a synonym for guest only.

      guest only (S)
             If this parameter is y�ye�es�s for a service, then only guest  connec-
             tions  to the service are permitted. This parameter will have no
             effect if _�g_�u_�e_�s_�t _�o_�k is not set for the service.
             See the section below on  _�s_�e_�c_�u_�r_�i_�t_�y for  more  information  about
             this option.
             Default: _�g_�u_�e_�s_�t _�o_�n_�l_�y = no