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bind interfaces only (G)
This global parameter allows the Samba admin to limit what interfaces on a machine will serve SMB requests. It affects file service smbd(8) and name service nmbd(8) in a slightly different ways.
  • For name service it causes nmbd to bind to ports 137 and 138 on the interfaces listed in the interfaces parameter. nmbd also binds to the "all addresses" interface ( on ports 137 and 138 for the purposes of reading broadcast messages. If this option is not set then nmbd will service name requests on all of these sockets. If bind interfaces only is set then nmbd will check the source address of any packets coming in on the broadcast sockets and discard any that don't match the broadcast addresses of the interfaces in the interfaces parameter list. As unicast packets are received on the other sockets it allowsnmbd to refuse to serve names to machines that send packets that arrive through any interfaces not listed in theinterfaces list. IP Source address spoofing does defeat this simple check, however, so it must not be used seriously as a security feature for nmbd.
  • For file service it causes smbd(8) to bind only to the interface list given in the interfaces parameter. This restricts the networks that smbd will serve to packets coming in those interfaces. Note that you should not use this parameter for machines that are serving PPP or other intermittent or non-broadcast network interfaces as it will not cope with non-permanent interfaces.
  • If bind interfaces only is set then unless the network address is added to the interfaces parameter list smbpasswd(8) and swat(8) may not work as expected due to the reasons covered below.
  • To change a user's SMB password, the smbpasswd by default connects to the localhost - address as an SMB client to issue the password change request. If bind interfaces only is set then unless the network address is added to the interfaces parameter list then smbpasswd will fail to connect in it's default mode.smbpasswd can be forced to use the primary IP interface of the local host by using its smbpasswd(8)-r remote machine parameter, with remote machine set to the IP name of the primary interface of the local host.
  • The swat status page tries to connect withsmbd and nmbd at the address127.0.0.1 to determine if they are running. Not adding will cause smbd and nmbd to always show "not running" even if they really are. This can prevent swat from starting/stopping/restarting smbd and nmbd.
  • Default: bind interfaces only = no
blocking locks (S)
This parameter controls the behavior of smbd(8) when given a request by a client to obtain a byte range lock on a region of an open file, and the request has a time limit associated with it.
  • If this parameter is set and the lock range requested cannot be immediately satisfied, samba will internally queue the lock request, and periodically attempt to obtain the lock until the timeout period expires.
  • If this parameter is set to no, then samba will behave as previous versions of Samba would and will fail the lock request immediately if the lock range cannot be obtained.
  • Default: blocking locks = yes
block size (S)
This parameter controls the behavior of smbd(8) when reporting disk free sizes. By default, this reports a disk block size of 1024 bytes.
  • Changing this parameter may have some effect on the efficiency of client writes, this is not yet confirmed. This parameter was added to allow advanced administrators to change it (usually to a higher value) and test the effect it has on client write performance without re-compiling the code. As this is an experimental option it may be removed in a future release.
  • Changing this option does not change the disk free reporting size, just the block size unit reported to the client.
  • No default
This parameter is a synonym for browseable.
browseable (S)
This controls whether this share is seen in the list of available shares in a net view and in the browse list.
  • Default: browseable = yes
browse list (G)
This controls whether smbd(8) will serve a browse list to a client doing a NetServerEnum call. Normally set to yes. You should never need to change this.
  • Default: browse list = yes