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Instructions which actually worked for configuring sendmail to deliver through procmail are here. Note the following:

  • "dnl" at the end of a command is optional, if there are no comments following it (it apparently means "delete from here to the start of the next line")
  • The "FEATURE(`local_procmail',`/path/to/procmail')dnl" line must go before the existing "MAILER(`local')" line
  • Be sure to restart sendmail after applying the change. (If not using Webmin to do the editing, also be sure to rebuilt the sendmail.m4 file.)


From the mailers documentation:

This is designed to be used in mailertables. For example, a common question is "how do I forward all mail for a given domain to a single person?". If you have this mailer defined, you could set up a mailertable reading:	procmail:/etc/procmailrcs/

with the file /etc/procmailrcs/ reading:

:0	# forward mail for
! -oi -f $1

This would arrange for (anything) to be sent to Within the procmail script, $1 is the name of the sender and $2 is the name of the recipient.

If you use this with FEATURE(`local_procmail'), the FEATURE should be listed first.

Of course there are other ways to solve this particular problem, e.g., a catch-all entry in a virtusertable.