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A password manager (PM) is a software application which manages security credentials such as passwords, PINs, and private keys.

Desirable features include:

  • searchability
  • ability to secure all data with a master password or key
  • ability to access from multiple locations
  • encrypted storage of data (so that it can be backed up to an insecure location without revealing any credentials)


Linux distributions generally come with a password manager integrated into the desktop system (other applications needing credentials will check with the PM before asking the user to enter credentials manually, and will store manually-entered credentials in the PM for future use.

The most common PMs are:


Windows does not appear to have a system for handling passwords or mediating access to a PM, so either passwords must generally be copied by hand (either cut-and-paste or drag-and-drop) between applications and the PM or else the software must be aware of specific applications that might need passwords filled in.




 costhome page
AES Password Manager
Access Manager/Pro24.95 dollars
18.95 Euros
Access Manager/free0
AnyPassword/Pro24.95 dollars
Aurora Password Manager29 dollars
35 dollars
Cute Password Manager24.95 dollars
Darn! Passwords!14.95
Easy Password Manager19.99 dollars
19.99 Euros
Enterprise Password Safe
KeePass Password Safe0
Mashed Life0
Mobipassword29.95 Euros
My Password Manager24.95 dollars
Passward18.95 dollars
Password Depot29 Euros
Password Manager Deluxe19.95 dollars

not filed

"Form-filler only" means that the software does not seem to allow storage of arbitrary information; handles login forms only. It may be that the software can do this but the description doesn't bother to mention it. It would seem to be necessary even for a target audience only interested in access to online sites, because form-fillers often have difficulty detecting login forms (they can be deliberately made difficult to detect) and so it is still often necessary to cut-and-paste from the application.

Given that the software does not seem to be targeting more general usage, however, I'm not bothering to file these applications for now.