no valid package file (.lpk) was found

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'The package "[package name]" is installed, but no valid package file (.lpk) was found. A broken dummy package was created.' is an error message displayed by Lazarus IDE when first run after a fresh installation.

The solution is to rebuild the IDE, which can be done from the "Tools" menu:

  • Tools -> Build Lazarus with Profile: Normal IDE

If the rebuild is successful, the error should not recur. Possible errors include:


Lazarus IDE version 1.0.10+dfsg-1 displayed this message for the following packages when run for the first time:

  • FCL
  • LazUtils
  • LCLBase
  • LCL
  • IDEIntf
  • SynEdit
  • CodeTools
  • LazControls
  • RunTimeTypeInfoControls
  • Printer4Lazarus
  • printers4lazide
  • leakview
  • MemDSLaz
  • SDFLaz
  • InstantFPCLaz
  • ExternHelp
  • TurboPowerIPro
  • jcfidelazarus
  • ChmHelpPkg
  • fpcunitide
  • ProjTemplates
  • TAChartLazarusPkg
  • ToDoListLaz
  • SQLDBLaz
  • DBFLaz