dhcpcd (Linux command)

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computing: software: operating systems: Linux: dhcpcd

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Note: This page needs to be merged with dhclient, as they both refer to the same command.

dhcpcd is the DHCP client daemon. It is apparently not always necessary in order for a machine to make use of DHCP.



If DNS seems to be trying to go through the wrong network adapter (e.g. one that isn't connected to the LAN) in a multi-adapter system (e.g. you can ping IP addresses but domain names cannot be resolved):

dhcpcd eth1

...where eth1 is the name of the correct adapter to use.


My installation of Ubuntu Dapper, which definitely uses DHCP, does not seem to have dhcpcd installed. --Woozle 14:42, 20 August 2006 (EDT)