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computing: software: camE


camE is a command-line utility for capturing webcam images, uploading the captured images automatically to a web server, and creating archives of the captured images.

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from Woozle

The brightness/contrast/etc. controls do not work with the cheapo webcam we got from Intrex (can't remember the brand), but that's not surprising because the notes say Philips only.

Can't figure out how to get the action_post_shot parameter to actually run anything:

action_post_shot convert /home/woozle/AppData/camE/webcam-temp.jpg -gamma 3.0 /home/woozle/AppData/camE/webcam-adj.jpg

This command works by itself, but there is no evidence that it is producing a file when camE is supposed to be running it.


  • '~/.camErc is the config file

In order to make the archiving and thumbnailing functions happy, you have to create the folders "archive" and "thumbs" under camE's data folder (check camE's log file for specifics of where it is trying to save files).

To keep all the configuration and archive data in a shared folder, use this command when starting camE:

camE -c /path/to/folder/.camErc


camE -c /home/shared/apps/camE/.camErc