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The key rules of the Liquid Agenda module are:

  • Anyone may suggest an item to be decided upon.
  • Anyone may propose a possible disposition for that item.
  • Each voter may quantitatively rate each possible disposition in terms of how highly they favor it.
  • Any voter may change or withdraw their vote on any item at any time -- although for some types of decisions, there will be deadlines or "action points" at which point the current aggregate vote will be translated into an action.


  • An "item to be decided upon" is called a question.
  • Each proposed disposition for that item is called an answer.
  • Each rating of a proposed disposition may also be referred to as a vote.


It might turn out to be helpful to have a "solution phase" where voting is disabled and a "voting phase" where no additional answers can be added, but this is a procedural matter which can be put to a vote.