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In InstaGov, the terms "question" and "problem" are largely interchangeable, though "question" is the preferred term.

A "question" is... well, some question about which there is controversy and whose outcome affects enough people (either directly or via other questions) that a consensus needs to be formed, rather than allowing it to be externally decided.

Any question may have zero or more answers. Users may propose new answers at any time, and other users may rate as many (or as few) answers as they like at any time, and may revise those ratings at any time.

Ratings of a question's answers are continually aggregated (as often as feasible given available computing power), and the results of this aggregation are continually available to all users,

Depending on the question being asked, however, there may be a limited number of instants when the aggregation results may be converted into a decision. For example, if the question was "who should be president?", then there would presumably be a single instant at which the ratings of all answers would be aggregated, and the largest total rating would determine who became president. Users could continue to update their ratings after that point, but it would not affect the decision.