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Meat / Egg Buying Club delivery details, from an email dated 2009-10-09


  • Duration: Five months, November 2009 through March 2010.
  • Delivery Dates: Two per month (1st & 3rd Saturdays in Nov, Dec, Feb, Mar; 2nd & 4th Saturdays in Jan). Dates are Nov 7 and 21, Dec 5 and 19, Jan 9 and 23, Feb 6 and 20, Mar 6 and 20.
  • Delivery Locations:
Durham Durham Farmers' Market 10 am to noon
Hillsborough Eno River Farmers Market 10 am to noon
Chapel Hill South Estes Farmers' Market 10 am to noon
Efland Fickle Creek Farm 3 to 5 pm, Sunday after market delivery
Cary Western Wake Farmers Market To Be Determined if >10 participants

Cost and Expected Products

Meat and Chicken

Cost for five months is $357.00 (includes tax). Participants will receive $35.00 in products on each of the 10 delivery dates, about $17.50 in meat per week. With each delivery participants will receive some combination of chicken, pork, beef, and perhaps lamb. For example, one week may be a whole roasting chicken, a pair of pork chops, and a pound of bacon and another may be a Boston butt roast, a chicken breast, and a pound of ground beef. We will provide recipes along the way as well!


Cost for five months is $90.00 (eggs are not taxed). This cost is derived by participants receiving $9.00 in product on each of the 10 delivery dates. With each delivery participants will receive two dozen mixed-sized, free-range eggs.

Meat/Chicken and Eggs

With a $20.00 discount given to participants who enroll for both the Meat and Chicken option and the Egg option the total will be $427.00 for the five months. >


Participants will be enrolled on a first come-first served basis as we receive payment.

We will cap enrollment at 50 participants this winter.

We hope to receive all applications with payment by Saturday 24 October 2009.

To apply, please return the bottom portion of this notice with a check for your non-refundable payment to us

  • at an upcoming Saturday market
  • via post to: Fickle Creek Farm, 4122 Buckhorn Road, Efland NC 27243-9529

Yes, enroll me in the Fickle Creek Farm Meat / Egg Buying Club. I would like to receive:

_____ Meat and Chicken $357 / five months
_____ Eggs $ 90 / five months
_____ Meat/Chicken & Eggs $427 / five months

Please make checks payable to Fickle Creek Farm.

My pick-up point will be:

___ DFM ___ ERFM ___ SEFM ___ WWFM on Saturdays
___ Fickle Creek Farm on Sundays

My contact information

Name: ______________________________________________________

Postal Address: _______________________________________________

E-mail Address: _______________________________________________

Telephone Numbers: __________________(home)________________(cell)