Dominion Ministries, Inc.

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(2008-08-03) Has apparently filed for bankruptcy/liquidation: “Dominion Ministries, last heard from when their plans to build a Level IV treatment center for violent youth at the Dillard/Holloway corner were averted by the Cleveland-Holloway neighborhood, appears to have gotten themselves in trouble with the county. The group that county mental health officials praised as the best of their providers during the contentious proceedings surrounding the land transfer is the subject of a complaint filed in Durham County Superior Court. The Durham Center alleges that Dominion owes $149,168.87 for services not rendered, and that Dominion failed to provide support services as specified in a contract that was amended at least five times over two years. Dominion's response has been to file for Chapter 11 bankruptcy (reorganization) - subsequently converted to Chapter 7 (liquidation). All the more reason to feel good that Cleveland-Holloway dodged this bullet.”