Dell SmartStep 100N

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The Dell SmartStep 100N is a midweight Dell laptop with an Intel Celeron CPU.

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from sample unit

  • logo sticker says "designed for Microsoft Windows XP"
  • Won't boot Ubuntu 6.06 liveCD past the initial screens; the display is somehow not initialized properly.
  • Knoppix liveCD boots ok, but doesn't have enough RAM to load a full system
  • The laptop comes with 2 CDs:
    • "Reinstallation CD: Microsoft Windows XP Home Edition"
    • "Drivers, Utilities, and Applications" / "For Reinstalling Dell SmartStep 100N System Software"
  • Windows can be installed from a normal Windows installation CD, and then the model-specific drivers can be installed from the "wizard" on the "Drivers..." CD. (This worked after installing Windows XP; don't know what other Windows versions are supported.)

Dell SmartStep 100N CDs.web.jpg