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computing: software: games: BounceOut


BounceOut, also called Super BounceOut (presumably this is the download version?) is an arcade-style computer game created by GameHouse and sold online through their web site.

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The Hypertwins

Won't run under Win98SE, on two different machines. Even the original version which we downloaded years ago and ran under Win98 won't run -- possibly due to discontinued support from Microsoft?

bug report filed with GameHouse

The problem seems to be that BounceOut.bin expects to find the function SHGetFolderPathA in the Shell32.DLL file (see this, for example), when it is actually found in ShFolder.DLL. It is easy enough to hack BounceOut.bin to look in a different file, but then it also expects to find the function ShellExecuteA -- which is located in Shell32 and not in ShFolder. So what is needed is either for BounceOut.bin to be recompiled, or for a single DLL to be created which exports both of these functions (and possibly others, to be determined).