intermediate care facility

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An intermediate care facility (ICF) is a medical institution which can provide a particular level of service ("intermediate care") for its patients. ICFs are generally residential in nature, due to the need for providing long-term care.

According to

Intermediate Care Facilities are designed for individuals with chronic conditions who are unable to live independently, but do not need constant intensive care. Intermediate Care Facilities provide supportive care and nursing supervision under medical direction twenty-four hours per day, but not continuous nursing care. They stress rehabilitation therapy that enables individuals to return to a home setting or regain or retain as many functions of daily living as possible. A full range of medical, social, recreational and support services are also provided. ... Intermediate Care Facilities are also known as Rest Homes with Nursing Supervision.

The key attributes of an ICF seem to be:

  • long-term residence
  • 24-hour supervision
  • on-site nursing care at least part-time, with medical direction (meaning there is an MD in charge of the nursing)
  • additional services provided