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psychology: hyperacusis


Hyperacusis is an inability to tolerate some of the common sounds one encounters in everyday life. The sounds need not be especially loud, unpleasant, or even noticeable to most people. Hyperacusis is also known as Soft Sound Sensitivity (SSS).

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While hyperacusis generally appears to be more the result of physiological damage than neurological or psychological issues, there is typically also a psychological impact due to the disease's effects on one's social life and ability to function.



The one hyperacusis sufferer I have met in person is particularly sensitive to noises such as lip-smacking. She describes the experience of hyperacusis as being as if most people had an automatic filter which reduces certain types of noise to tolerable levels, and in her that filter is broken. --Woozle 06:51, 28 March 2007 (EDT)