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The Vaio F series of laptops is now mostly or entirely obsolete for most purposes, but I'm preserving my notes on them here in case they are useful.

Models in this series are largely physically compatible to the point where parts from different models can be used for repair. This may also apply to other lines, e.g. the FX series seems visually very similar, but I haven't actually had one in my hands for comparison purposes.

The following models have been tested with Ubuntu 6.06 and worked (sound, full screen resolution, etc., but not POTS modem): F350, F430, F650

Common Characteristics

  • F3xx series:
    • Audio: NM256
  • F4xx series:
    • Audio: Yamaha DS-XG (applies to this model)


Plugging the screen for an F350 into the chassis of an F420 seems to have fried the F350's power LED, but did not harm the LCD screen. The LCD units themselves are unfortunately electrically incompatible (plugs are different widths), as well as not being mechanically compatible.


  • F290
  • F350:
    • Intel P2
    • 14.1" screen
    • RAM expansion is under keyboard (some disassembly required)
    • makes loud "Vaio sound" through speakers at power-up
  • F360: Intel P2 400 MHz
  • F420
  • F430
  • F480:
    • Intel P3 500 MHz
    • 15" screen
  • F560
  • F590
    • Intel P3 750 MHz
    • 15" screen
    • 100 MHz bus speed
    • components: 128 MB SDRAM (up to 256); 18.1 GB HD
  • F630: AMD K6-2 550 Mhz
  • F650:
    • Intel P3 600 MHz
    • 64 MB RAM, expandable to 256; sample came with 128 MB RAM
    • 100 MHz bus speed
    • 14.1" screen
    • improved hard drive caddy (ribbon cable plug screws into caddy)
    • ATI Rage Mobility graphics, 8 MB SDRAM
    • supposedly has NTSC video out, but I'm darned if I see where the jack is...
    • components: DVD reader, 12.0 GB hard drive, internal 3.5" floppy (removable)
    • does not make sound through speakers at power-up