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My original request on Jan. 11:

How do I move out of the "BS10413-GANDI" sub-account (which I did not create, and which has "limited permissions" that I don't see how to edit) and into my main account ("woozle", the one I am writing from) so that I can manage DNS and automatic renewals?

Thank you.

In the meantime, I did figure out how to adjust the DNS, so this only becomes a crisis when I need to renew the domain.

Four days later, here's the response from Gandi:


thank you for contacting Gandi Customer Care.

We apologize for the delayed answer due to a recent increase of requests (due to the launch of V5).

Domains are fully imported only if the owner account has been migrated too. Domains for which the migrated account is only Administrative, Technical and/or Billing contact are partially imported under an Organization with limited permissions (or need to be synchronized to be displayed).

Domain "" has another "classic" account as owner (and need synchronization) that's why it was not displayed. No it appears under an organization named "BS10413-GANDI" which is in fact the Owner 'classic' handle.

To get full rights on the domain you will have to ask the owner to migrate his account to V5, or you will have to migrate the owner account and merge it with your current V5 account.

For this case go to the "Classic" interface to verify you have access to this account (password mostly) and verify that the email address and legal informations (Name or company name, account type) match exactly the ones for your account and or organization.

If this is not the case you will have to make "change owner account" operation to a new 'classic' handle with the correct informations.

A change of owner mean the validation of an email sent to the email address registered for each of the owner. I invite you to verify specifically that the email addresses fo the owners are correct, valid and that no Anti Spam or Whois privacy service is activated.

This operation is just an administrative one, and there would be no impact on the running of the domains or their services.

Only domains can be "moved" from one account to another. Other products like SSL certificates, websites or hosting are "locked" to the account which create them.

Then go to V5 and log out of the V5 account. Then log in using the classic handle (complete BS10413-GANDI) and password, to trigger the migration process.

You can find more information on our new V5 interface at this address:

Do not hesitate to contact us if you need more information.

Our best wishes for a happy and successful New Year.

Best regards

\o/ Thierry 

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OMFG what??

I'm thinking it may just be best to get the domain back out of that hellhole, after taking some time to research a better home for it (now that the need is no longer urgent). Possibilities include: