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Copying one drive into the folder of another (massive 6TB) drive:

rsync -Pav /media/woozle/BiTeraSaurus/ '/media/woozle/HexTera/backups/BiTeraSaurus' 


Migrating web folders from cloud2 to new server:

cd /home/<domain-name>/public_html
rsync -rpt<domain-name>/public_html/* ./
chown -R <domain-user>:<domain-user> ./


Backing up a hard drive to a local drive that has a partial image already on it:

cd <[drive]/home>
rsync -cav /media/BiTeraSaurus/backups/machines/gonzo/2010\ 500GB\ drive/woozle/ woozle/


As used on Scooter, to copy Gonzo's mail and Akregator files over:

cd /home/woozle/AppData/kmail
rsync -Pav woozle@gonzo:AppData/kmail/* ./
cd /home/woozle/AppData/akregator
rsync -Pav woozle@gonzo:AppData/akregator/* ./

This still doesn't import the settings for fetching/sending email; are those in kwallet, maybe?