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Based on listener-experience with RadioDJ:

  • Need a refresh button for current title, if auto-update can't be made reliable
  • Current title should have:
    • link to purchase or download
      • (probably there should be site option to allow artists to have the option to disable downloads of their material, on a track-by-track basis; I'd only enable this if there is demand and good reasons)
    • rating option (indicate how much you like/dislike the song)
      • better: rate how well it fits into one or more given genres or personal topics
      • this would let artists get an idea of what is working for the audience (and what isn't)
      • would also let the site create popularity charts, to drive further interest in listening
    • link to artist information
      • artist info should include list of all songs currently in rotation or in database; link to artist web site(s)
    • additional info: when originally uploaded; how many times played; ratings
    • distinct from the "ratings": a "boost" (aka "play this again soon") button. These are aggregated to give tracks heavier play, but decay over time. If a lot of people boost a track today, it might get played a lot today, but the effect would decrease over the course of a day or a week (decay-rate could be a site option)