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Email Clients

  • Claws Mail
    • positives:
      • lets you edit "from" address on outgoing mail
    • negatives:
      • items moved from Inbox don't disappear; they just turn blue. (This may be a config error, but there's no clue how to fix it.)
      • can't send email; dialog box says "Could not queue message for sending." No further explanation. Tried reconfiguring SMTP, but there's no indication of whether messages are using the new or old configuration.
      • no "test" buttons to verify that server parameters are correct
  • Evolution
    • negatives:
      • doesn't separate incoming accounts, outgoing accounts, and identities very well
      • doesn't let you edit your "from" address on outgoing mail
    • positives:
      • does let you sort messages by when-received (which it also displays)
  • KMail
    • positives:
      • separates server information into incoming, outgoing, and identities
      • auto-detects server security settings (SSL etc.)
  • Sylpheed
    • negatives:
      • won't let you edit (much less modify) account prefs while composing an email
      • save-to-draft and save-to-outbox not working; dialog pops up, says can't save, no further explanation
        • won't tell me where these folders are or let me change them
      • search filter not smart enough to include emails TO x; only includes FROM or SUBJECT
      • doesn't let you edit your "from" address on outgoing mail
  • Thunderbird