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We’re sorry—the document(s) you uploaded to verify your identity didn’t quite do the trick, and we’ll need you to try submitting again before we can move forward.

These are two possible reasons why the documentation you submitted didn’t work:

  1. The image quality wasn’t high enough. Please make sure we can see the whole document, including all four corners. We can’t accept images that are too dark or out of focus, and we don’t accept screenshots.
  2. The document didn’t meet our requirements. Please make sure your ID is current, has a signature on it, and matches the information you entered on your application.

Need help? Check out this support article, or give us a call at (888) 248-0632.

We can look into your application, figure out why your verification document(s) didn’t work, and help you re-submit them correctly.

Ready to re-submit?


Note that these requirements are kind of inconsistent with the instructions they give you when you're submitting the images.