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Possible Formal Names

Pick one (or more, if it works) from each column...





  • Precision Consensus Tracker/Builder
  • [Universal] Neural Rating [System]

What It Is

a way to get a consensus opinion about anything, from the trivial to the earth-shattering, and to motivate people to engage in dialogue about their opinions

How It Works

It's almost like a game. The rules are simple; the results are complex and useful.

The core concept is the Hierarchy of Things. On top of that is added a layer of Inter-User Connectivity.

Hierarchy of Things

  • Every user creates and maintains a flat list of Things.
    • For practical purposes, this can be sorted and filtered in lots of different ways, as well as being searchable. The system should expect to handle lists with thousands or possibly millions of entries, though the majority of users may only have a dozen or two Things in their lists.
  • Every user also creates and maintains a Hierarchy. (Think of this as being like a directory listing on your hard drive: you have folders, and folders inside of folders, and so on.)


  • Every twig in each user's Hierarchy can contain:
    • Zero or more sub-twigs (all twigs have the same rules, regardless of how "deep" in the hierarchy they are)
    • Zero or more Things


  • Each Thing has a name.
  • Each Thing can appear at zero or more locations in the Hierarchy.
  • Each appearance of a Thing can be (but does not have to be) rated on a scale (range set by the user, but let's say the default is -100 to +100)