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This isn't a complete description of everything I had to do in order to get the latest Friendica working with my existing data, but it shows how I solved some of the more thorny problems.

Table Modifications

  • /contact - this is the first one I did, so notes are more explanatory
  • /item - this was a large table, and took a lot of time to do the copy
  • /gcontact
  • /notify

Other Changes


This SQL:

SELECT `group`.`id`, `group`.`name`, GROUP_CONCAT(DISTINCT `group_member`.`contact-id` SEPARATOR ',') AS uids
				FROM `group`
				INNER JOIN `group_member` ON `group_member`.`gid`=`group`.`id` AND `group_member`.`uid` = `group`.`uid`
				WHERE NOT `group`.`deleted` AND `group`.`uid` = 1
				GROUP BY `group`.`name`
				ORDER BY `group`.`name`
				LIMIT 0,100

...returned the following error: Expression #1 of SELECT list is not in GROUP BY clause and contains nonaggregated column '' which is not functionally dependent on columns in GROUP BY clause; this is incompatible with sql_mode=only_full_group_by.

Finding where this was being generated required the use of grep:

grep -r "GROUP BY \`group\`.\`name\`" *.php

Note that the -r option doesn't actually seem to work; I had to run this inside the "includes" folder to identify the file -- which turned out to be acl_selectors.php line 505, which I have modified thusly:

GROUP BY `group`.`name`, `group`.`id`

Sticking Point

I finally got stuck -- or, perhaps I should say, decided/realized that the next step was too big of a time-investment -- when trying to figure out where and why this error was happening (reformatted slightly for readability):

2017-04-08 19:33:18@wrk58e93afe0cd759.83335256	[NORMAL]:dba.php:289:q	DB Error (Connected) 1050: Table 'temp-addon' already exists
2017-04-08 19:33:18@wrk58e93afe0cd759.83335256	[NORMAL]:dba.php:328:q	dba: CREATE TABLE `temp-addon` LIKE `addon`; returned false.
Table 'temp-addon' already exists
2017-04-08 19:33:18@wrk58e93afe0cd759.83335256	[]:dbstructure.php:25:update_fail	
 Cannot notify administrators about update_id=1216, error_message=Errors encountered performing database changes.
 ALTER TABLE `temp-addon` MODIFY `name` varchar(190) NOT NULL DEFAULT '', MODIFY `version` varchar(255) NOT NULL DEFAULT '', ADD UNIQUE INDEX `name` (`name`);<br />

I found where the error was being thrown, but would have to do some significant backtracing just to figure out what was executing the problematic SQL, and/or what was generating it... and, most importantly, why.