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This is about some interactions I've had with Cognitive Psychiatry of Chapel Hill

While the actual therapist I have interacted with there is fine, whoever answers the "office@" email seems to be only half paying attention most of the time. A recent exchange:

On 2019-⁠10-⁠18 09:11, Cognitive Psychiatry wrote:

Good morning,

Thanks I do have availability on Wednesday 10/⁠30 at 10am please contact the office to schedule the appointment

My reply:

Dear office@[...],

Aren't you "the office"? The email address says "office@"... if the office has a different email address, can you please forward this to them and let me know the proper email address?

Anyway, please schedule me for Wednesday 10/⁠30 at 10am, and let me know who I will be speaking with.

Thank you!


On 2019-10-18 13:52, Cognitive Psychiatry wrote:

Good afternoon,

You would be seeing Dr. Bhattacharya I do need some information from you also if you don't mind calling the office.

Now, the thing is, we've told these people again and again that we both have phone phobia. As mental health professionals, you'd think they would be aware of the importance of not interacting with their patients in ways which cause anxiety due to known phobias.

My response:

I have phone phobia, as Sandy does, as we have both explained many times.

Please let me know what information you would like, and I will be happy to email it to you.

Thank you.


We'll see what response that elicits -- but in what reality is it not easier to just ask me the information in an email that they just sent me, instead of asking me to call them and then having to have a conversation about it?