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the actual car itself, during one of its brief times in our driveway
  • Model: 2017 Hyundai Sonata 4-door
  • VIN# 5NPE24AF3HH583043
  • License plate: CFH3575 (GA)
  • When rented: 2017-10-04 10:01 - 2017-10-08 16:05
  • Odometer (at pickup): 10239
  • Miles we drove: 575
  • Total rental cost: $365.13

We rented this for the Warren Wilson College Family Weekend, so ended up driving it back and forth from the hotel to WWC and restaurants (mainly the Asiana Grand Buffet) a fair amount.

The seat adjustments were manual, but not problematic.

Standard keyed ignition, with keyless locks and trunk opener. Agency provided two keyed fobs (i.e. remote-controls with keys) and one key-only, on a lock-ring (can't separate them to give to another driver). The fob-keys could be folded up into the fobs to reduce pocket-stabbing.


  • Good MPG – on the way home, we averaged over 42 even with the defrost running.
  • Media center included a USB-media socket.
  • The media player was able to play FLAC files.
  • Dashboard included real-time MPG estimate, with a trip average updated every 30 seconds or so.
  • Much of the car's behavior is configurable from the steering wheel, e.g. you can set the locks to engage automatically when shifting into drive, when moving at speed, or not at all. Unlocking is also similarly configurable, as are headlights and a few other things.
  • The gear-shifter has a manual-gear mode where you can control exactly what gear you're in (there appeared to be 6). This was useful for the long downhill stretch of I-40 just east of Asheville, where I shifted into 5th gear to keep us from going too fast without constantly using the brakes. The dashboard shows you the shifter's position whenever it is changed, and in manual-gear mode it shows you what gear you're in. This whole system was surprisingly sensible and easy to use.
  • Power from the USB was good, was able to keep up with smartphones being used intensively.
  • Passenger seats can be folded forward for increased storage capacity.
  • key fob has control for opening trunk
  • tire-pressure sensors, with current pressure displayed on dashboard (and alerts if any tire is low)


  • Seats were a little stiff, though we got used to them.
  • Acceleration was a bit aggressive.
  • Braking was a bit grabby.
  • The media center UI was a little awkward/counterintuitive (it didn't help that Enterprise failed to include a manual).
  • Drink holders are too small for most refillable water bottles (a common problem).