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143 Pinecrest Road is a location which has had two different houses on it. The first one burned down in 2005, and the second was built in 2006-7.


  • 2005-08-06: Version 1 burned down in the early hours, while undergoing extensive renovations. It was vacant, so nobody was hurt.
  • 2006: Version 1 ruins were removed and a new house built, which was then sold in approximately April of 2007.


P8080003 2005-08-08-2 143 Pinecrest.jpgP8080004 2005-08-08-3 143 Pinecrest.jpgP8080002 2005-08-08-1 143 Pinecrest.jpgP4260001.JPGP4260002.JPGP4260003.JPGP4260004.JPGP8270100.JPGP8270099.JPGP8270098.JPGP8270097.JPGP8270096.JPGP8270095.JPGP8270094.JPGP8270093.JPG100 0351.jpgPC150008.JPG