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6 Consultant Place is an office building at Consultant Place in Durham, NC.


All phone numbers are area code 919. This list was last updated in January, 2008:

  • Breakthrough: Joann Long, jlongspam@spammhsncspam.spamcom, 493-2791, 493-3434, 493-4342. Also P.O. Box 52660 / 27717
    • Substance abuse outpatient care and domestice violence counseling for adults and youth. Fee is charged; actual amounts T.B.D.
  • Suite 100: Matchbox Health Services, Inc.: David Bolton, 493-3434
  • Infinity Health Services: Charles Thurston, 888-489-0726, 489-0726
    • Provider of in-home care and home assistance
  • Suite 200: Prestar Mortgage Inc.: 403-5400
  • Suite 200-A: LPS: 957-9695. Alarm system dealer.