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This page is for information about dealings with specific landlords in Durham, NC.


Certain owners of multiple properties in Durham, NC have been identified as having questionable attitudes towards their tenants and the value of the properties they own or rent. While "slumlords" is perhaps an oversimplification of the complex arena of property ownership, it is certainly a word which comes to mind.

  • William B. Fields "Because we love you!" [1] -- note that William B. Fields II (apparently the son of the Bill Fields under discussion) seems to have made some comments on this post answering some of the complaints mentioned.


Mr. Sturdivant was killed in 2008.

  • Ronnie Sturdivant: owner of the "Urban Merchant Center" and the "We Want Oprah" building (Washington Duke Motel)
    • The "We Want Oprah" sign was removed within a few weeks of Mr. Sturdivant's death