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Satellite view, retrieved 2010-04-15

Everwood is a suburban subdivision built on 23.131 acres in a semi-rural area of Durham, NC off Old Chapel Hill Road just west of Garrett Road. It was initially cleared in approximately 2006-7 (this is from memory; need source) and a handful of houses were built, though sales have apparently been slow due to the 2009 economic recession and occupancy appears to be low.

The of land on which Everwood was built was owned in 2006 by Old Chapel Properties, LLC


Everwood is one of many ironically-named subdivisions:

  • the site had indeed been "ever wooded" -- until the developer's clearcutting to make room for houses and roads
  • the web site name ( is doubly ironic -- it implies that the area was unwooded until the developer finally arrived (at last!) to put trees there, now safe for all future generations to walk through and enjoy; this of course is the reverse of the truth (see satellite photo).
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  • Community Focus of NC has some documents
    • The covenants are particularly interesting:
      • Apparently owners are not allowed to have storage sheds or radio antennae.
      • The restriction on tree-removal is also interesting, since the entire area was clearcut at the start of construction. Perhaps the builders should be required to replace each tree cleared "with a similar tree of equal value".


  • City-Data has some discussion in 2007-8, including a couple of positive reviews (but... are the responses from real people, or realtors?)