Trice Plantation (NC)

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Earth: United States: North Carolina: Durham: Trice Plantation


The Trice Plantation in Durham, NC appears to have been a family-run farm from the early-to-mid 1800s until approximately the mid-1900s, but this is based solely on (1) dates from gravestones in the Trice Plantation Cemetery and (2) satellite photographs of the land before the remaining buildings were removed and Southpoint Auto Park Boulevard was routed through.


There was no evidence of the buildings or paved road when we bicycled through here on 2007-08-01, but we had no idea that this farm was here and so didn't look. The tip-off, of course, was the cemetery; the cemetery's magnolia tree is visible in the satellite photo, left of the lake and almost below the rightmost brown-roofed building.


2007-08-04 Google Map hybrid view of old farm composite.crop.web.jpg

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