Time Warner Cable

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Time-Warner Cable is a division of Time-Warner, Inc. and provides cable television and (broadband) internet service in a number of areas in the United States.






  • 2007-10-24 webmail to twcnc.com about the internet being kind of slow and patchy, which it has been increasingly since the beginning of the summer.
    • 2007-11-14 update: It suddenly improved dramatically at 9:45 this morning. Everything is working fine now. Too bad we'd already ordered Speakeasy DSL... but then about an hour and a half later, it went back to "normal".
  • I sent them a webmail about some annoying billing problems I ran into: 2005-12-06 Webmail to Time-Warner Cable.
  • We use TWC solely for broadband internet (not TV). The service was a bit rough at first, but has improved to the point where we have not been disconnected for many months (with the exception of a series of DoS attacks in November 2006 (?) which required resetting the cable modem in order to reconnect, and of course the 2007 problem above.
  • When running into technical issues, do not use the Live Chat; this connects you to Someone With A Script. Calling the local number seems to get much better results; when the DoS attacks started, I was immediately connected to someone who had the ability to monitor connections. He told me to reset the modem, and we were back online in about 2 minutes.