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alphabetical order

  • 300 series (replaced by A series): CPUs from 386SL/25 to Pentium III 450; larger, heavier, slower, and cheaper (Parts: Impact)
    • 390X: Mobile Pentium II / 400, 6.4GB, 15" 1024x768 active matrix TFT
  • 500 series (replaced by X series): CPUs from 486SX2-50 Blue Lightning to Pentium III 500: main line; lightweight, slim, only HD onboard
  • 600 series (replaced by T series): Pentium MMX, II, and III; very durable
  • 700 series (replaced by A & T series): cutting-edge models – largest screens, largest HDs, fastest CPUs (for the time)
    • 700: monochrome screen
    • 700C: active matrix TFT color screen
    • 701 models have the "butterfly" fold-out keyboard
  • 800 series: PowerPC 603e CPU at 100 MHz (except where noted); SCSI2 instead of IDE
    • 860: CPU at 160 MHz
  • A series
  • R series
    • R30: manufactured by Lenovo
    • R31: manufactured by Lenovo
    • R32: ThinkWiki
    • R40e: manufactured by Lenovo
  • T series
    • T20 series (T20, T21, T22, T23): Pentium III Mobile, 650 MHz to 1+ GHz
      • T23: internal WiFi
    • T30 series (one model only): Intel Mobile Pentium 4 from 1.6 GHz to 2.4 GHz
    • T40 series (T40, T41, T42, T43): Intel Pentium M Processor 1.3 GHz to Pentium M 770 at 2.13 GHz
    • T60 series
    • T450s
  • X series
    • X20 series
    • X30 series
    • X40 series: very well-supported by OpenBSD
      • X41 tablet model
    • X60 series
  • Z series (introduced by Lenovo)
    • Z60 (Z60, Z61)

chronological order

  • "ThinkPad", no model number: tablet computer without keyboard, using Go PenPoint OS
  • models 700 / 700C : first ThinkPads introduced