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The Athens Observer was a small newspaper in Athens, GA. It appears to have ceased operation as such on June 5, 2002 and merged with a paper in Oconee County to become The Athens-Oconee Observer.


The paper was founded in Chuck Searcy and Pete McCommons in 1974, with a college student named Don Nelson (now at the Athens Banner-Herald) joining soon thereafter.

Founded as a liberal/progressive voice, it was taken over by "conservative" interests in the mid-1990s. The staff walked out in protest of several abrupt changes, and were replaced the same day. The paper did not miss its publication deadline that week and thus was able to retain its legal organ status for publishing legal notices.[1]


The paper's mailing and delivery address was:

The Athens Observer
288 N. Lumpkin St.
Athens, GA


  • Merrill Morris: brief tribute (as a reporter and editor at the Athens Observer in the 1980s, Merrill Morris won six Georgia Press Association writing awards; now consoluting for Athens Weekly News; see [1])
  • list of Observer articles relating to the unsolved murder of Jennifer Lynn Stone April 23, 1992
  • Observer-related articles published in Flagpole by Pete McCommons:
    • "Caught In The Press", a bit of history from founder Pete McCommons published in Flagpole:
    • Obituaries of significant Observer personnel:


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