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Lisa says

oh my god I just thought that it was something wrong with me. something I couldnt explain to people. I work in a call centre and can talk to strangers no probs. But I cant ring family or friends. The longer I dont ring them, the worse it gets. They stop calling me as they dont think I want to continue the friendship with them. I have lost so many friends over this fear. I am 37 years old and I have only just realised that, I am not alone. When I am at home I dont answer my home phone or my mobile when they ring. Even when caller ID comes up and it is a friend or family member, it is very rare that I will answer it. Just the fear of not knowing what to say, there being lengthy gaps between conversation over the phone scares the hell out of me. I need some advise, can anyone help me?? Lisa

Woozle replies

Hi Lisa -- I hope you'll see this message -- we now have a phone phobia social network with over 50 members, and I do hope you'll join us there! We're still working out what to do about the problem, but at least you can talk with others who understand what you're dealing with. It's at ( particular, you might want to look at this forum topic.) --Woozle 07:39, 6 March 2009 (EST)