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A disused query from doCtgUpdate(): <mysql>UPDATE cat_items AS i LEFT JOIN qryCtg_Upd_join AS u ON i.ID=u.ID_Item

   i.CatNum = u.CatNum,
   i.isForSale = TRUE,
   i.isInPrint = NOT u.isCloseOut,
   i.isCloseOut = u.isCloseOut,
   i.isPulled = FALSE,
   i.isDumped = FALSE,
   i.ID_ItTyp = u.ID_ItTyp,
   i.ID_ItOpt = u.ID_ItOpt,
   i.ItOpt_Descr = IFNULL(u.ItOpt_Descr,i.ItOpt_Descr), /* kluge */
   i.ItOpt_Sort = u.ItOpt_Sort,
   i.ID_ShipCost = u.ID_ShipCost,
   i.PriceBuy = u.PriceBuy,
   i.PriceSell = u.PriceSell,
   i.PriceList = u.PriceList,
   i.GrpCode = u.GrpCode,
   i.GrpDescr = u.GrpDescr,
   i.GrpSort = u.GrpSort,
   i.CatSfx = u.CatSfx
 WHERE u.IDS_Item IS NOT NULL;</mysql>

This might be useful later if we try to set things up so we don't have to use the nonstandard REPLACE INTO syntax. More likely, everything will change before that and I'll just have to rewrite it from scratch. --Woozle 09:04, 20 March 2008 (EDT)