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Just to let you know, I'm getting an error message after changing the files to yours:

Warning: array_key_exists() [<a href='function.array-key-exists'>function.array-key-exists</a>]: The second argument should be either an array or an object in /space/www/htdocs/wiki/extensions/Contributors/ on line 60

Its running on MediaWiki 1.11.0, PHP 5.1.2 (apache) and MySQL 5.0.16-max with following extensions installed:

  • Contributors (version 2007-11-15.wzl)
  • Semantic Forms (version 0.7.8)
  • ParserFunctions
  • Semantic MediaWiki (version 1.0-RC2)
  • Simple Security (version 3.4.8, 2007-07-25)
  • wikicalendar
  • ContributorsAddon (version 1.1)

Hope this helps,


I'll have to check on that...

It may be a version-related thing; I've got a version 1.11 mediawiki installation I'll have to try the extension with. Poke me if I haven't got to it in a day or two... --Woozle 10:37, 14 December 2007 (EST)

Same Error

I get the same error. Any way to fix it? This extension is a great edition to mediawiki

Update I got it to work by commenting out those lines (60 and 80).

Feature Request

Is there any way to make the creator of the article's name bold and always listed first? Thanks!

roger that...

I'm keeping a tab in my browser open for this page to remind me to work on this... The feature request seems doable, too. --Woozle 09:47, 10 January 2008 (EST)