Simple Authentication and Security Layer

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Simple Authentication and Security Layer (SASL) refers to either:

  • a list of requirements for authentication mechanisms and protocols
  • specific software that implements those requirements


In Linux, SASL may be handled by saslauthd.

To see if saslauthd is running: "ps aux | grep saslauthd" should return a process for every active connection (e.g. Rizzo shows half a dozen), not counting the grep command itself.


eventually make a page about this


  • openssl - depending on what protocols you have enabled (pop3 or imap):
    • openssl s_client -connect localhost:imaps
    • openssl s_client -connect localhost:pop3s

If you are running this command from a different machine than your IMAP/POP3 server, replace "localhost" with the name or address of the server.

Type "QUIT" to exit, if openssl does not return you to a system prompt.

Caveat: This can seem to be working and yet Dovecot/Postfix will still be reporting fatal: no SASL authentication mechanisms.