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The ReDistribution Alternative (RDA) is a Georgia corporation and not-for-profit homelessness advocacy organization based in Athens, GA. It is owned and operated by CEO/CFO/Secretary Willard Dale "Bubba" Griever (aka Bahb Haaji) and his wife Lynne. It does not appear to have been active since 2003, when their official web site ( went down (domain name still registered, but no response from server), although its business registration has remained current as of 2008.

A listing at described the RDA as a "Multi-faceted organization whose primary function is to raise funds to develop and perpetuate programs designed to make the world a better place in which to live" in a cache dated 2009-05-02, but the listing had been removed as of 2009-05-13.

There is some more information (mainly historical) about them on the HypertWiki (note: the owner of that site was the plaintiff in a lawsuit against the RDA, so information there may be biased).

Lynne Griever is currently State Advocacy Coordinator for the Metro Atlanta Task Force for the Homeless [1] and was statewide coordinator for the Georgia Task Force for the Homeless as of 2003 [2].

Incorrect Rumors

There have been some verbal rumors that the RDA is working with The Mad Housers. This had been true at one time but the association had been discontinued by February 2002.