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See Personal Assistance/NC for further discussion.


From the NC MH/DD/SA Service Manual page 101 (page 106 of the PDF dated 2002-12-20, retrieved 2009-06-23):

Personal care services delivered to individuals who are not inpatients or residents of a hospital, nursing facility, intermediate care facility for the mentally retarded (ICF-MR), or institution for mental disease (IMD). These services are provided to assist with an individual's activities of daily living, such as assistance with eating, bathing, dressing, personal hygiene, bladder and bowel requirements, and taking medications.


  1. May be provided at any location.
  2. Include face-to-face time providing assistance to the client and time spent transporting the individual to or from services.
  3. Authorized for an individual by a qualified case manager in accordance with a service plan approved by the State;
  4. Provided by a qualified individual who is not a member of the individual's family; and
  5. Furnished in a home or other location.
  6. Staff Travel Time to be reported separately.
  7. Preparation/documentation time NOT reported.
  8. Documentation is required in the client's regular treatment/habilitation records, or case management