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The following text was retrieved from the right-hand edit box seen in the form entitled "Step 3: Your Corporate Details" while purchasing a certificate on 2009-09-06. Original presentation was text-only; formatting has been added.

It is the same as Appendix A of the Subscriber Agreement text except that the word "schedule" has been appended after "OptimumSSL Secure Server Certificate".

OptimumSSL Secure Server Certificate schedule

1. Definitions used in this Schedule

  • "Certificate Signing Request" means an electronic data file created by the Subscriber using the Subscriber's installed SSL or TLS enabled web server software;
  • "Fully Qualified Domain Name" means a domain name that fully specifies a host and a domain name, including a top-level domain, such as www.Comodo.com;
  • "Root Domain Name" means the highest level of a URL that identifies multiple directories on the Server;
  • "Secure Server Certificate" means the Digital Certificate produced pursuant to the Subscription Service described in this Schedule;
  • "Server" means the Subscriber's server operating at the IP address identified by either a Root Domain Name or Fully Qualified Domain Name provided by the Subscriber to Comodo and which is cryptographically bound to the public key set out in the Secure Server Certificate.

2. The Subscription Service


Comodo shall provide a Secure Server Certificate designed for installation within the Subscriber's SSL enabled web server software and for use with an SSL v3 or TLS v 1.0 enabled web browser. The Secure Server Certificate shall, in accordance with the amounts paid by the Subscriber, either: (i) cryptographically bind a Public Key to a Server operating at a Fully Qualified Domain Name; or (ii) cryptographically bind a Public Key to a Server operating at a Root Domain Name. In both cases, the Public Key is used in the SSL/TLS Protocol to authenticate the Server and establish an encrypted session between an SSL v3 enabled web browser and the Subscriber's Server.

3. Scope of Use


The Subscriber may only use the Secure Server Certificate for the purposes of set forth in the Comodo CPS and/or CPS OptimumSSL Amendments, located at www.comodogroup.com/repository. Subscriber acknowledges that Comodo may amend the Comodo CPS at any time by posting such amendment(s) or amended CPS on the Comodo website. Subscriber agrees that upon posting the amendment(s) or amended CPS it will be bound by the terms and conditions of the amendment(s) and/or amended CPS. Subscriber agrees that it will be responsible to check the Comodo repository from time to time to stay current on any amendment(s) to the Comodo CPS.


The Subscriber may not enter into any transaction while using the OptimumSSL Certificate, and no warranty is provided for use of the OptimumSSL certificate.

4. Subscription Service Period

The Subscription Service Period shall commence on the Issue Date and shall continue for the period specified by the Subscriber in the Enrollment Form during on-line registration or until revocation of the Digital Certificates by Comodo in accordance with the terms of this Agreement, whichever is earlier.

5. Subscriber Data


The Subscriber shall provide the following Subscriber Data: Certificate Signing Request (CSR) (SSD), Company Name (SSD), Street address 1, Street Address 2, PO Box, City (SSD), County/State (SSD), Postal/Zip code, Domain Name (SSD), an account username, an account password, Administrator contact details, proof of existence and organizational status (if applicable), proof of applicant's identity, and an acknowledgement of Subscriber's consent to the terms of this Agreement. Items marked as SSD will be embedded into the Subscriber's Secure Server Certificate.


The Subscriber hereby consents to the disclosure to third parties of the Subscriber Data provided by the Subscriber through the on-line registration Enrollment Form to the extent necessary to provide the Subscription Service