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UI Design Problems

There are a lot of issues with the design of the desktop and mobile apps, which I haven't even begun to catalog; this list is so far just about the web UI.

Deleted files

  • No way to change the sorting (always starts with oldest first, which doesn't make sense even as a default)
  • No way to mass-restore files (by date, file mask, deletion source)
    • This is more of a problem than it seems:
      • Each restore takes several seconds.
      • You can initiate multiple restores in parallel (just click "restore" for all the visible files on the screen), but this seems to be one source of the unspecified errors; if you wait between files, the errors seem to go away.
  • No information about which user/client/IP deleted them.
    • The "Activity log" does indicate which user, but gives no other info.
  • No information about the original path for a deleted file.
    • Are they even being restored to the right folders? I think so, but there are no cues to tell me this -- and if I don't know where a file is being restored to, it's difficult to find it (after restoration) to be sure.
  • When there's a problem restoring a file or folder, no information is given, not even which file/folder had the problem.
    • There's just a drop-down which says "Error while restoring file from trashbin".
  • No way to bulk-upload files from a backup (if web-based restore fails)
  • No way to clear the useless list of "error while" errors. The restore process is just badly designed overall.
  • If the user tried to restore a file and it failed, there should be some kind of visual indication of that (so you don't keep trying the same files).

About the only thing they got right was to make restoring one file a single-click operation. Why not also have checkboxes and an "actions" menu, as in the main Files app? (Addendum: there are checkboxes, but no action menu -- so the checkboxes don't actually do anything.)