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MySQL has been criticized by at least one user of lacking production-quality features, with version 5.0 only just starting to add them, where as other FOSS alternatives such as PostgreSQL had such features in their very earliest versions. MySQL has also been criticized for bad performance, e.g. locking entire tables when it only should have locked a row, as well as general incompatibility (Editor's note: with what?).

Files & Folders

The Installation Layouts manual page gives a listing of folders created by a mysql installation, but does not list all files (some of them added to existing folders) upon which a working installation is dependent.

RPM distributions

(The Debian/Ubuntu setup is similar; folders marked with * indicate those found in Ubuntu and not given in the documentation.)

Directory Contents of Directory
*/etc/init.d/mysql daemon start/stop/restart script
*/etc/mysql my.cnf: configuration file; also other configuration files


/usr/bin Client programs and scripts
/usr/include/mysql Include (header) files
/usr/lib/mysql Libraries
/usr/sbin The mysqld server
/usr/share/info Manual in Info format
/usr/share/man Unix manual pages
/usr/share/mysql Error message and character set files; *also scripts
/usr/share/sql-bench Benchmarks
/var/lib/mysql Log files, databases