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How To


  • /PermissionsBukkit - a plugin which provides a much more extensive and useful permissions system


It's probably a good idea to run the server in a way that won't get terminated if you lose your ssh connection. (In practice, this only seems to happen sometimes, but ssh connections do inevitably get broken.) Tentatively, GNU/screen is a good way to do this. That will also, it would seem, let you reconnect with an existing MC server session even after losing your ssh connection -- or allow another ssh user to do so, so you can have multiple admins.

Bukkit plugins recommended by TheFool76:

upgrading a CraftBukkit server

  1. create new folder to put new stuff in (I usually include the version number at the end of the folder name - /CraftBukkit-x.x.x)
  2. download CraftBukkit
  3. download latest versions of all plugins
  4. If you have modified any of your root-level *.yml or *.txt files, copy them over to the to new folder
    • most of the important config files (i.e. the ones you have most likely modified) will be under plugins (especially PermissionsBukkit) and will therefore get copied when you copy the plugins in a later step
  5. copy shell script(s) from current folder to new folder
    • if necessary, rename "CraftBukkit-x.x.x-Rx.x.jar" to the name required by your shell script (or shortcut or however you normally start it).
  6. stop the server
  7. create a "plugins" folder
  8. copy all the individual plugin folders (but not the .jar files) to the new /plugins folder
    • It may be simplest just to copy the "/plugins" folder, then delete the .jar files - this makes it possible to copy the world*/ and plugins/ folders in a single step
    • It is probably not necessary to copy the /PluginMetrics subfolder, but I haven't tested this.
  9. put the latest plugin .jar files under /plugins, in the same place the old .jar files would have been if you had copied them too
  10. copy all "world*" folders over to the new folder (if you didn't already)
  11. start the Minecraft (Bukkit) server via your preferred method

This seems to be the closest thing to a "how to upgrade your server" on the Bukkit wiki.

If you get an error like this repeating indefinitely:

at net.minecraft.server.v1_4_5.PropertyManager.savePropertiesFile(PropertyManager.java:76)
	at net.minecraft.server.v1_4_5.PropertyManager.a(PropertyManager.java:65)

...there is probably a permissions error creating or writing to the server.properties file.