Maxim Healthcare Services

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Maxim Healthcare Services is a provider of healthcare services in the United States. They appear to have locations in 48 states, including Hawaii and Alaska, as well as Washington, DC.

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From what I can tell, Maxim is in some ways similar to a contract agency in that they connect job-seekers with employers looking to fill temporary (and usually part-time) jobs, but the "employer" is typically an individual or family who is paying via Medicaid, other government social service funding, or private insurance. (Maxim apparently views itself as a service provider, not a head-hunter, but it seems to me that both terms are applicable.)

I'm pretty sure they were part of the same group as Aerotek in 1998, when I worked for Aerotek. (Their logo is very similar to Aerotek's 1998 logo, too.) Aerotek handled technical recruiting and Maxim handled healthcare. I seem to recall there was one more company in the group, but can't remember its name.

Based on what I remember of Aerotek's business model (presumably Maxim's is the same), employers pay salary to the agency; the agency takes a fee (typically 10-15%) off the top and pays the employee the balance at the employee's agreed-upon rate. Employers and employees are contractually bound not to discuss with each other how much the salary is – supposedly to prevent dissent over different pay-rates, but more likely to conceal how much the agency is scraping off the top.

--Woozle 16:39, 6 April 2008 (EDT)