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GlitchSoc has the ability to format posts with limited subsets of HTML or Markdown, which does not seem to be documented anywhere. (Update: this feature is apparently available now on trunk Mastodon. It's not clear whether it originated there or was backported from Glitch.)

It has to be enabled on a per-client (per-user) basis via [Getting Started][App Settings][Compose box (tab)] -> check the "show content-type choice" checkbox. Once this is done, you should see a markup-selection icon between the "lock" icon and the "CW" icon, as seen below:

2020-02-23 GlitchSoc editing icons.png

Note that apparently the only way to get strikethrough in a post is to use Markdown, since neither <s> nor <strike> seem to work in HTML mode.

Also, it appears that HTML codes work in Markdown mode as well.