Lyon Park

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Lyon Park refers to two adjacent areas in Durham, NC: a city park, and the community center on the hill above (to the east of) the park.

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Community Center

The community center's official address is either 1309 or 1313 Halley Street 27707, though searches often turn up 1103 Cornell St.; the building's main entrance is on the south side of Halley Street, between Fairview Street and Kent Street.

Phone: 919-560-4288

building uses

map inaccuracies

This area of Durham appears to be poorly mapped:

  • Both Google Maps and Yahoo Maps show Halley Street as connecting with Carroll Street to the west; it actually dead-ends just below Fairview, and there is a paved bike/foot path through the woods to Carroll.
  • Google Maps also shows that the eastern end of Halley is named Cobb; I'm not sure if there is any truth to this.
  • Directions to Duke University's Center for Child and Family Policy state that the parking lot is to the left of the building; the parking lot is actually across Halley Street from the building.



  • archive of the Lyon Park Neighborhood Association web site