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related commands

  • grub-install
    • note that the target must be a device (e.g. /dev/sdd), not a partition or filesystem (e.g. /dev/sdd1).
  • grub-mkconfig creates a new grub.cfg based on what disks and boot options it finds. Run as root and redirect output to the desired file.
  • update-grub updates the grub menu
    • bootable drives do not need to be mounted in order to be included


rescue mode

these commands are still available in rescue mode; examples are from a system with one hard drive on /dev/hda, 2nd partition is ext4

  • ls (hd<drive>,<partition>)
    • Example: ls (hd0,2)
      • Returns: (hd0,2): Filesystem is ext2.
    • Example: ls (hd0,2)/boot/grub
      • Returns: (horizontal list of files)


Overall, though, this seems to be the magic tool for fixing broken grub booting:

Other links that may be useful: