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Bug reporting tool for people who don't have time to file an official bug report

Woozle 20:00, 22 January 2006 (EST): If you add icons to the toolbar, they aren't saved when Konq exits. This means you really can't effectively customize Konqueror. (Same for changing the icon view to a treeview; it always reverts to icon view.)

  • Saving the profile (Settings -> Save View Profile...) does not work. Sometimes this menu option is greyed out, too.

Presumably Fixed

Woozle 15:01, 28 March 2006 (EST): I don't know how this happened exactly, but I have two instances of Konqueror which tell me different things about the owner of a particular file. One instance is running as root, the other as a regular user (Harena). The root instance agrees with shell ("ls -all /mnt/qemu") that the file's owner is root; the regular-user Konqueror insists that the owner is Harena – even after I close it and reopen it. No amount of refreshing seems to help. Even closing all instances of Konqueror gives the same results when I reopen one instance as Harena and one as root: the root instance says that /mnt/qemu is owned by harena, and the harena instance insists that it belongs to root.

Woozle 13:56, 12 October 2005 (EDT): Right-click menu editing is broken

  • I had "open with KEdit as root" set up as an option on my right-click menu for all files (settings -> configure konqeueror -> file associations -> all -> allfiles) – it would show up under the "Open With >" menu, but I realized I really wanted to have Kate there as well (as myself, not as root).
  • So I added it: click on allfiles, under "application preference order" click [Add], browse for Kate under Debian -> apps -> editors, select it and click [Ok])
  • Problem: Now neither option appears when right-clicking; I get an "Open With..." menu (ellipses instead of a submenu). I've tried removing "KEdit as root" in case it didn't like having two choices (which would also have been a bug), but there was no change in behavior.
  • Workaround: Close and restart Konqueror; the menu change showed up after I did this.

Design Flaws

as of 2010-01-12, KDE 4.1

  • Tends to over-aggressively cache treed directory listings, and often will not refresh even with shift-refresh
  • No way to refresh the left panel; have to open new instance of Konqueror
  • Folders showing in the left panel should have support the same actions/features as the listings on the right (e.g. can't copy/move a folder in the left panel or get its properties)
  • When copying files, does not preserve timestamp or ownership -- all files look newly created by user doing the copying (even if this is root)
  • Sometimes can't move files over remote connections; have to copy then delete manually
  • When moving files locally, will delete source even if destination could not be written successfully


eventually, add these to file manager/wish list

  • If an operation cannot be done due to lack of file permission, konq should offer to let you sudo or do the operation as a different user
  • Instead of greying out unavailable file operations in the menu, it should asterisk them and then tell you why it can't do them if you try to do them anyway (and/or offer to let you sudo as above).
  • No terminal mode or connection log to view the progress of connections to remote computers (via sftp, smb, etc.) so you can see why it's not working.
  • Sad to say, the "Find File..." function in Konqueror is still clunky and awkward compared to the same function in $%^&*! Windows Explorer (and I'm looking at the Windows 98 version here). Someone, please donate a clue to the KDE developers? -W.
    • Should be able to right-click on a folder to find files within that folder, for one thing.